Sinks may include ones made with a variety of formats and materials, like drop-in sinks, double bowl sinks, stainless sinks, copper sinks, cast iron sinks, etc. The list goes on. Here are some kitchen sinks you can choose from:

Top mount kitchen sink

This is also called a drop-in sink, and it drops into the counter, creating a rim around the sink. This is one of the most versatile kinds of kitchen sinks available. Because of the rim, these sinks are also known as self-rimming or rimmed sinks. These sinks are easy to install, have a relatively lower cost price, and can hold even heavy materials.

One factor to consider while installing top-mount sinks is that crumbs and grime can get easily caught up in the rim, making clean-up difficult.

Under-mount sink

This sink is directly installed under the counter – giving it a seamless look from the countertop to the sink. Apart from looking sleek and stylish, these sinks are also easy to clean as the water and crumbs, or leftover food can be pushed directly into the sink without a rim coming in between. When choosing this kind of sink, you can first look at some kitchen interior images to ensure an under mount sink is what you require.  These sinks are usually more expensive than top-mount sinks and can reduce the working space of your sink.

Double basin sink

Also known as double bowl sinks, these sinks have dual basins placed side by side. The dual basin arrangement allows washing on one side and rinsing/drying on the other. These are flexible, multipurpose, and best suited to homes without dishwashers. They can be made from granite or stainless steel, depending upon the homeowner’s choice.

Many homeowners might find the design of the sink a bit outdated when compared to contemporary single-basin sinks. Either side of the contemporary sink is sometimes too small to hold big pots and pans and causing problems.

Farmhouse sink

These are single basin sinks (also called apron sinks) that have a front wall that serves a dual purpose, forming the front of the sink and the front of the counter. These are generously sized and good for holding large pots and pans. These sinks are gaining popularity with rustic or country-style kitchen flooring. One can choose the type of kitchen flooring accordingly to suit these farmhouse sinks.  These sinks, however, can be more expensive compared to the other varieties of sinks.

Corner sink

These sinks are installed in any corner of your kitchen, at right angles to each other. These sinks are designed in a way to make the most of counter space. Counter corners, which usually serve little purpose, are cleverly used up in this arrangement.

These sinks involve high costs and are difficult to install. However, a reliable renovation company in Toronto can help you install this variety of sinks. These are the 5 types of kitchen sinks that are commonly found in homes across Canada. You can choose any of these depending on the size of your kitchen, its flooring and interiors, and your budget. As an experienced and dependable kitchen renovation company, we can help you install the sink of your choice – thereby enhancing the overall look of your kitchen.